Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another snowy Saturday

It is snowing again here today. We started with hail like stuff, so under the fluffy white snow it is like walking or driving on ball bearings. Now that I am home from work I think that I am going to park myself in my comfy chair and just knit and let the weather do whatever it is that the weather wants to do! (Obviously my putting in an order for 72 degrees, blue skies and sunshine just isn't working!)

I have been working on a couple of things in the evening this week.

First up is my shawl for Metamorphosis.
That is a cotton blend yarn from ColourMart and size 5 needles.

Want to see the detail of those cluster stitches?

Pretty, huh?

And of course I am still working on Madam...

The gaping holes will have pocket linings, maybe even this evening! I am going to try and get the rest of that sleeve done and the linings, or maybe the other sleeve, we shall see. I am still concerned about how much yarn those beautiful cables eat up. Right now I am leaning toward ribbing for the edges rather than a fancy braided cable cast off, just to save on yarn.

With all the dreary weather I did have one delivery that brightened my day.

How's about an entire rainbow of lace weight???

Land O Lace strikes again! Now to decide which one to knit first!



Amanda said...

You are going great guns on Madam! And that rainbow of delight is drool wrorthy.

Jeri said...

St Margaret is gorgeous! Ooh! I love it! And that shawl is gorgeous,!
Hope the weather drives you to further knitting heights!