Sunday, February 27, 2011

Well what do you know, she still knits!

It has been a different kind of week at my house, we are trying to settle into what is going to be our new normal, with a couple of hiccups along the way.

But what you care about is what I actually have pictures of!

Presenting, in very bad detail, St Margaret's Cardigan by Jeri Rigged Designs.
See the pockets? They make me smile so much.

Back view :I used a slightly lighter wool for this than the pattern called for, and then accidentally over=blocked it just a touch so right now she is a little floppy! If I could bare to take her off maybe I would fix that. :)
I did put ribbing at the cuffs and bottom edge, the pattern has an option for a beautiful cable detailed edging, but I was really worried about running out of yarn.

Since I started this one the designer has made some improvements to the pattern, which of course gives me the option of.....
You guessed it! Knitting her again.

You did know that was going to happen, right?

In other knitting news, with the addition of some new charts to Metamorphosis, there might be another project on my needles.

This shot shows off the long color repeats in a very inexpensive, mohair yarn that I might have picked up recently.
You can see the beautiful fluff more in the ball than in my wet knitting.


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Amanda said...

Can you hear the wolf whistle?? Stunning work. And I like the look of that mohair.