Monday, February 21, 2011

Err, it's still the weekend right?

When last seen this knitter was promising details of the last finished object, and here she is with another!

But, technically they are the same pattern so here goes!

Metamorphosis Raglan Pullover
Yarn: BB Toes in Maine Blueberry
Needles : size 4 US
Mods....this pattern is very much a choose your own adventure, I chose Chart B for the yoke, Chart C for waist shaping and Chart E for the edging. As TDQ is short and skinny I dropped a couple of repeats of Chart B to get the length she wanted and it fits her perfectly!
I love how the lace shows all over when she wears it!


Metamorphosis Raglan Cardigan
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow held double
Needles : Size 4 US
Mods....I also am a little on the height challenged side so I dropped one repeat in length and also added decreases partway down the sleeve rather than just letting the lace provide shaping so that the cuffs would bell and finished the whole thing off with Chart D for edging.

This one is too big for TDQ to model, if I can get home early enough one day this week we shall see if I can get better pictures!
Now to work on Madame for a moment before casting on for another one of these!



Amanda said...

Wow you've done such a good job on those!

Annie said...

Both are gorgeous!