Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How did you ring it in?

Craziness abounds at Chez YarnDiet, there was marathon knitting which turned out just fine Thank you, and staying up too late watching Harry Potter Movies with the kids but I rang in the New Year my favorite way by knitting just one more row!!

SKA on Ravelry has been having monthly challenges, above you will see the starts of this months Mystery Sock in the catagory "beads and textures other than rib". Knit Picks Gloss in Kenai, some black "pearl" (really they are glass) beads and size 0 needles. As soon as I find my other size 0's I will knit the other cuff, but in all it's glory here is clue one!

December's challenge was "leftovers and partials" with the partials being things like legwarmers, yoga sock or anklets...a partial sock. I knit one pair early in the month and at the very last minute cast on for some anklets for me! Recognize the yarn? Yep, it is no other than body of a Tardis! The Tardis Socks were happily recieved and have spent some time on 6 year old feet. :)

And just because I didn't have enough to work on (Hello, there are pregnant people at work there must be baby things lurking off camera) I cast on for some of Hermione's Every Day Socks. Obviously watching Harry Potter Movies did something to me.

Other than a bad case of startitis I think that the New Year is starting out in my usual pattern of enhancement......

Looks like one of the cashmere fairies was here!


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Amanda said...

Wow, wow and wow! What a great way to start the year! Now make sure you keep it up.