Saturday, January 9, 2010

TNNA projects

Hop over to BadCat Designs to see the two new pieces for Jade Sapphire that made their debut at TNNA this weekend.

Netsuke Wrap. in silver and red is a truly unique piece. I wore the silver gray over black at Christmas having sewn ribbon through some of the points to turn it into a shrug. That version is knit in JS 2 ply cashmere and is soft and floaty and very elegant.

I also had a marathon knitting session making it in the official yarn (new for Jade Sapphire and called Angel Wing) in red. It is a thick and thin, soft as softer!...handspun that makes for a very warm and cuddly piece.

Beaded Serpent in lilac with Miyuki seed beads was snapped up by the Drama Queen almost before I could take the pins out from blocking. Knit from the middle to both ends that never get cast off, Andrea came up with a way of lining up the center stitch that is pure genius! If you have ever been annoyed by invisible cast on and pick ups that don't quite line up in pattern you have to take a look at this pattern, I know I will be using the technique again.

Ask for the patterns where Jade Sapphire yarns are sold, they aren't in stores yet but will be soon, and if you are able to go to TNNA say hello to my knitting for me!


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Amanda said...

Simply fabulous. I lust after them. I am going to have to knit these. I'm already dreaming about the yarn and beads.