Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nothing to show for a bit!

Not that I haven't been knitting, really I have been knitting my little fingers off, I just have nothing to show for it...yet!

In order to distract you, I again direct you to Andrea's blog for another little preview of Snow Queen. If you haven't joined the party yet do not despair! Right there in that post Andrea tells you that not only will you be able to purchase a full pattern once those of us "in" are done but she has something really cool planned for our summer knit along.

Ok, back to my knitting stories. Let's see there is a project that ran out of yarn two rows before the end (I winged it, contrast yarn was involved and while it doesn't look quite the way I anticipated I am still pleased with the results and hope that when I get around to getting photo's you will agree) there is a VOI baby blanket on the break-room table at work that has nearly hit the end of the first ball of yarn and the second pattern repeat for the corner, one mystery sock through clue 2, with it's mate nearly there waiting for me to work clue 3, two thirds of a Hermione sock needing a toe with it's mate waiting for those self same needles....another big project that handed me my needles and I handed them right back...see I have been working hard!

Speaking of challenges, it is nearly that time again. Knitting Olympics or Ravelympics 2010 are very, very close. It might not be the best time for me to be looking for another challenge, the ones at work with our conversion might be just about enough, but you know, somehow knitting stress beats work stress every day of the week! I have joined the ColourMart Team and still need to decide what would be a suitable project. I have a little altar to Richard and his cashmere, merino and silk blends.....and would love to hear your ideas about what to make! Pattern suggestions anyone???


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Amanda said...

You are busy! I'm trying to finish off my current shawl before launching into Snow Queen.