Friday, August 21, 2009

A Pleasurable few hours

A few weeks ago Fleegle wrote this post asking opinions about being paid to write a yarn review. Obviously I am not a "Big Name Blogger" so have never been approached to be paid to write about yarn...I have however managed to get my hands on a few free samples to play with. It isn't a secret that I sample knit items for the Jade Sapphire Booth at TNNA and the pictures above are along the same lines.

Fleegle has opened a lace knitters supply store on Etsy. The Gossamer Web. On Ravelry, Fleegle asked if anyone would be willing to test knit some of the yarns that she had custom blended and spun for lace knitting and I was lucky enough to be able to jump on that bandwagon.

Three small center wound balls arrived in my mail earlier this week and I spent hours pouring over stitch dictionaries trying to find the perfect pattern for each sample. I did not present my BEST work, there is a failed nupp on one, or my "nope" as it has been named, but I have to say I enjoyed each of the three samples immensely!

So far The Gossamer Web has Love Potion #3, it is up there undyed, a very crisp yarn. You will not believe how easy it is to get those "hard" decrease edges and then when you wash it, just enough bloom from the cashmere to make a lace knitters heart sing!

Coming soon, I hope, are two more, each a different blend of fibers that we know and love.... silk, cashmere, merino, camel, angora.....All three were my favorite to swatch with, each for its own reasons. Kind of like your kids, you love each of them the best, one makes you laugh, one is so get the idea!

If you are on Ravelry, all the yarns I sampled can be found here.

Bottom line...fabulous yarns! I liked knitting with them a lot. And Fleegle didn't pay me to say so. (Or Harry for that matter!)

Top to bottom the samples are : Love Potion #3, Sheherazade and Vorpal Bunny Ranch.


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