Sunday, August 30, 2009

Does your yarn yell?

I have lots of catching up to do with The Summer Squares Project, my Dark Star is two squares behind, my blankets are four squares behind but there was this voice calling to me.

To start with it was just a whisper, easily ignored, just a soft sound "I want to be..." and then it got louder and was joined with a second voice "If you put us together we could be...." Although I tried to hold out, they wore me down and I grabbed my swift and ball winder, I'll just wind them I thought to myself...HAH, the voices of my yarn were not so easily distracted and before I knew it the first one was on the needles. If I am lucky the center motif will be Land O Lace Lady Katie in Birchwood with the border and edging in Lady Katie Ramsey.

The yarn was true to her word, just as thin and soft as I could want, although I probably should have gone with slightly smaller needles, but to be honest I wanted a bigger piece without the extra rows and thousands of stitches that would entail.

Ain't she pretty?

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Amanda said...

She is very pretty indeed. I have some yarn demanding to be an Ishbel but I'm trying to ignore the noise and concentrate on Dark Star.