Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once More with Feeling

Is this pattern starting to look a little familiar? It should, this is version three of the first of Summer Squares. I have spent the last day or so fighting with the sizing of a sock and needed something soothing. :)

This time around I know exactly what the yarn is, and I will end up having to add something else to the mix as I know I don't have enough. Norwegian Sport Wool from elann. Someone on one of my knitting groups said that I knit so fast that yarn wouldn't get a chance to languish in my wrong they are, this yarn hasn't been made in years! It is a sport weight superwash wool. Just right for a give-away blanket to someone who can be trained to block.


1 comment:

Amanda said...

You are fast! Love the colour and yet another great square. I hope to get cracking on my cotton square today.