Monday, June 22, 2009

Voice of Reason

Now before you take a look at that and say "She frogged it!" I would like you to know that cooler heads than mine prevailed. The original Summer Square will still become a shawl .... it's growing on me. I really do like the individual colors, and really everyone is right, you can't tell from a little bitty bit how it will look when it is done! If I don't like it finished I can always over-dye or gift it

But let me present...Summer Square Number 1 version 2. I have something like 13 little balls of cotton in pastel colors. I have no idea what I am knitting with, other than it is cotton or cotton-like and one ball makes a square with barely two yards left over. It is sort of a sport weight, and that square was knit on size 8 (US) needles and is pretty close to 18 inches square...sorry those of you on metric will have to do the math, it is too late for it here. :)


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Amanda said...

What a relief you didn't frog version one! But this cotton idea sounds good too. I've joined up and I'm trying to choose a yarn at the moment. But I also have quite a bit of cotton... perhaps I need to be a copy cat here?