Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What are You Working On?

I hope those of you who celebrated yesterday had a wonderful holiday!

I decided to take today to recover from eating all those doughnuts!  (Actually we didn't eat them all, there are  still several left, so if you are in the neighborhood...feel free to snag one!)

But, as it is WIP Wednesday, here's a quick look at what I am working on today.

Most of it is the "not as fun as knitting" part of pattern development.

Every designer has their own way of approaching actually knitting the patterns, I write, then knit, then edit...all of these need some editing, the final pictures and to be sent off for tech editing.

I am old school, I write on the computer, knit from paper and make notes as I go.  Which is why you can see a written pattern with highlights on it...things I need to take a closer look at.

Not that it is all photos and editing for me....there is a little bit of actual knitting going on too!  (Mostly in my car today though.)

So what's on your needles today?


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