Saturday, July 29, 2017

Test Knits Are Fun!

If you don't subscribe to their newsletter, you might have missed that this month Knotions is all about tutorials!  There is a little bit about a whole lot of different knitting techniques covering everything from making pompoms to how to have more even ribbing in your knitting.  Chock full of good stuff!

To demonstrate a couple of the techniques Jody, the editor who also designs...check out her other patterns here...included patterns for three different, footie socks.  I test knit one of them for her.  (Yes, I still test knit as well as design!)

Be Strong and Carry On.

I used Patons Kroy FX - Cameo Colors and a US 3 needle for my version.

These socks are knit toe up, which made a change from my usual go to cuff down patterns and include a Strong Heel... no picking up of stitches!

In a departure from my usual "matchy, matchy" stance I tried getting both socks from one ball of yarn, so they are definitely fraternal twins not identical, and then had to scrounge some additional yardage from a project TDQ was working on and abandoned when I was a few yards short for the second sock. (She warns you to buy the second ball but keep the receipt in the pattern...depending on how long your foot is you might not need it and can return the second ball for a different colorway and make another pair!)

I think that both socks took just a couple of evenings of pleasure very quickly made, perfect for those "I forgot to get you a present" occasions.

I think I might want to make the lace ones next!

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