Saturday, May 13, 2017

Friday on Saturday

Sorry about the delay, I had a bee in my bonnet about cleaning out the pantry and actually taking stock out what I had out there before going to the supermarket this week.  So a day late, but....

Presenting Attack of the Killer Rabbits Cowl by Peggy Jean Kaylor, knit by yours truly!

I knit mine with some Wool of the Andes Superwash in Bittersweet Heather (a pretty dark brown) and some mystery yarn from the thrift store.  A burn test says that the mystery yarn is wool, a quick wash of a swatch test says it is not superwash!  In fact, it would be great for a felting project!

I did modify the pattern a little.  In the original, you use the darker color for one edge, then swap to the lighter color for the other, but...well...I am a matchy, matchy gal at my cowl is brown on both sides!

This would be a very easy pattern to adapt to any gauge yarn, the pattern stitch is simple enough to memorize, yet holds your interest during the knitting.  It can be worn just casually looped around your neck, or doubled for a double thick, warm, cozy cowl. with so many of my hand knits, I waved good bye to it after the photo shoot!

Having finished this knit, it can only mean...another item in the 2017 Small Accessories KAL jumped on my needles.  Tune in Wednesday to see all about it here, or join us for the KAL and read all about it there!


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