Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Feathers! Again

But not a cardigan this time!

As many people know, on Saturday afternoons and Sundays I am making it a point to knit the designer of other designers.  There are many good (for me at least) reasons to do that, not the least of which being I can play along in the knit along that I am co-hosting with Evie Scott Designs and Peggy Jean Kaylor on Ravelry.

My first project for the KAL was Attack of the Killer Rabbits cowl, by Peggy Jean Kaylor, and you got to read all about it last week in a Finished Object Post.

So on Saturday afternoon I cast on a Quill Cowl by Evie Scott Designs.

I am not very far into it yet, with feathers going both directions it is not tv/movie watching knitting.
But it is an awful lot of fun and I can't wait to pick it back up Saturday afternoon!

In other news, if you hurry up and sign up for the newsletter, today, you will be getting a discount code for my next new release shawl and a special free pdf pattern for the Linen Swatch Cloth that was posted on Skein Shop's Blog last week.

Want another teaser picture?

Skein Shop found some great models....but more about that tomorrow!

What's on your needles this week?


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