Friday, May 5, 2017

And Now for Something Completely Different....

I actually have finished objects that I can talk about!  (Actually four of them, but I will do them one at a time so that I don't look like I never post a FO Friday....)  But First.....

I think we will start with....


As I might have mentioned, one of my personal goals this year was to spend some time knitting other designers patterns.  Mostly so I didn't go nuts only working on my own stuff, but also, so that I can do a little bit to promote the designers you may not have heard of. (There are some great ones out there!)

Acropolis by Linette Grayum is a super cozy hat with a bit of a twist!  You start with the fancy cable brim and an "almost" i-cord cast on.  The brim can them fold up to give you double warmth over your ears, which in Ohio on a typical winter is a really great thing!

 I knit mine in some Knit Picks Special Reserve Highland Wool from  their Cyber Monday Sale a couple of years ago, but any Aran Weight yarn would work.

The pattern itself is well laid out and includes pictures showing how the cast on for the body of the hat is incorporated into that cable.

All in all, it was a rather fun knit!  And the hat fits perfectly - except...even though it is cool and rainy here, no one wants to wear a wool hat for me to get modeled pictures!

 In other news, there is still time to join the Knit Along that is being held on Ravelry!  The first round of prizes is being handed out tonight!  Yes, prizes this early in an KAL.  There are more prizes in the bag-oh-tricks, so come on over and join the fun.

Click here to get the details and  join.  

Thanks for dropping by!  I am off to join the chatter threads in the KAL, and bask in the glory of being in a book!


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