Sunday, February 9, 2014

Forget the Starks, I want a family motto about Spring!

HBO has a fairly popular television series, The Game of Thrones, which is (mostly) based on a series of books by George RR Martin.  In both the books and the show you are following members of several families that each have their own crest and motto.  One of the families, The Starks, motto is Winter is Coming.

Forget coming, winter is here and it is certainly making its presence known in Central Ohio! 

We had freezing rain, snow, lots of snow, more below 0 degrees F air temps with wind chills added to them.  We had delayed days at school, cancelled days at school and no snow plows that seemed to be willing to do anything about the roads near where I work.  (The story that went residential side streets have not been cleared but main roads are done was a load of horse feathers, the street where I work is all businesses and had seen nothing in the way of a snow plow or salt truck for days!)

It has to end and soon, if for no other reason that I now have nowhere else to put the snow I take off the driveway as I can't throw it high enough to get it over the mounds that have formed at the edges of my yard from Wednesday's snow and todays additions.

I am ready for spring.

More than ready!

Especially as all this dealing with snow and longer commutes is cutting into my knitting time and all I have to show you for a week is two more squares of my Fractal Blanket.

What did you knit this week?


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