Sunday, May 26, 2013

Go with the flow

It is a bank holiday weekend here outside Columbus, Ohio, and let me tell you what a gorgeous weekend it has turned out to be!  Practically Perfect Weather for me.....mid sixties, blue skies, sunshine.

So what, you may ask, did I do with all that fabulous weather?

Hmmmmm......I worked on a plumbing issue, a computer issue, cleaned up cat barf from the coat rack (don't ask, it wasn't pretty.) and then I went to the gardening store,  picked out a few things, and played in the dirt, because by then it was too late to go hiking! (Ok for those of you who are not in Ohio it would be called a walk in the woods, but I say it is hiking so it is.)

Today had been designated for more yard work, and some got done but then I parked my rear end on a patio chair for an hour and enjoyed listening to the birds singing, kids down the street playing (well I didn't enjoy all of that, they got a little shrill but mine were worse at similar ages and they were still happy noises no matter what my dog might tell you about those poor children needing him to go rescue them!) and the sun on my face. There were so many other things I should have been doing, I should have felt guilty, but for once I didn't.  Not even a little tiny bit, well, maybe a tiny little bit, the least I should have done was grabbed some yarn and started on the next project but nothing that I saw in my stash really called to be that project and in the dive I ran across some yarn that really wanted to be a tank top for me to wear this summer, so I grabbed some needles to go with it and parked my rear end back in that chair for another half hour!

In case you are wondering, sitting in the sun is no place to be working on a mohair wrap, so the Purple Winter Wrap is still being ignored on the corner of my desk!  I did, briefly, consider working on the last clue of my mystery shawl but beads out on the patio didn't thrill me either!  Instead, I cast on for a vest from Interweave Knits Spring Issue.  Side note here, can someone tell me why this is called a vest and not a tank top? I can see all kinds of possibilities using that basic shape and various shawl starts for the center panel!
 I picked out some of my ColourMart 3/15 Shiny Cotton to make this one.  Depending on how much yarn I actually use I might make another in red, but I only have one full cone of that color left having used it to make two other shawls!

The mystery shawl needs it's final clue knit,

 and Lucy's Gift is blocking now,
so there was a little progress on the already started knitting.  I just seem to have a terrible bout of startitis, must be chronic, I think I have had it all year! But, I have decided to quit fighting it and just go with the flow, eventually something will get finished!


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Amanda said...

All lovely knitting! Maybe its a vest because the original intention was to wear it over a blouse?