Sunday, May 19, 2013

If it's Sunday I should be home

It is that time of year again.  The time of year when every day is a whirlwind of activities and meetings, endings and setting up new beginnings.  Days where I have to hit the ground running and keep running all day.

It is also that time of year where the weather is unpredictable.  Want 80 degrees, we might have that for you, but watch out for the 50 degree days to go with it.  Rain, sunshine?  How's about both!  All the plants are growing like weeds, especially the weeds.

TDQ had things to do, I had things to do, the boys had things to do, and I made it to all but one so far!  Speaking of TDQ she wanted to show you part of her fancy formal updo from last week.  This summer she plans on chopping all that hair right off, so it might be the last formal updo for a while!

I missed blogging on Mother's Day.  All three got together and made me "Flower Cupcakes" which it turns out are a great way of showing me that when they want to all three can work together without arguing!  When I pointed that out they said it was a fluke and not likely to ever happen again.

There was some knitting during the two weeks I have been absent from my blog.

The Anniversary Mystery Shawl actually is an entire clue ahead of me, but I have been working on it when I can.  Here is clue 3, but Clue 5 was released yesterday.

As I was knitting on it, looking at where I am in the yarn, I was concerned that the magical properties of the color shifts in the yarn were not going to show at all.  Being a much larger skein than I need for the project it looked like there was a risk that really it is a mono-tone shawl......

Hmm, guess the colors shifted without my noticing!

Lucy's Gift is getting closer to the end, and the grey version of Winter Extravaganza made it there.  The purple version still needs an edge and two sleeves, so quite a lot of knitting!

I got some more cream yarn to make a replacement for the ColourMart Contest Shawl where I didn't plan ahead!  Webs is having their annual super sale and had some cones of Alpaca in cream, two jumped in  my cart and as I didn't want them to be lonely a couple of other things did too!


Now to figure out where to find the time to knit them!


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