Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why I couldn't do my chores, by The Other Brother

Mom has this crazy thing on the fridge called a Chore Board. 

Every day us kids are supposed to look at it and then do whatever jobs are listed next to our names.  All school year the first chore has been the same "Put your ice pack in the freezer" and we all do a really good job of doing that one.  TDQ usually does her chores and TFB (my twin) will sometimes do his, but not until Mom calls to say she is on her way home.

Me, well I am very good at avoiding doing my chores,  she should put things like "play games on your computer" or "surf the internet" and I would do them every day without fail!  But sometimes, it isn't my fault that I can't do my chores, for example, this is how the conversation went....

Mom : How was school?
Me : It was good.
Mom : What did you do?
Me : The usual.
Mom: What did you learn?
Me : Nothing new.
Mom : Did you do your chores?
Me : Well, I put my ice in the freezer, but I couldn't do the other one.
Mom: Why not?
Me : The Bird Feeder was already full.
Mom: It couldn't have been full, we just bought the bird seed.
Me : Here's a picture.
Mom: Just move the branch, silly boy!
Me: That didn't help, the bird feeder is still full.
Mom: What?!?!?
Me: Here's another picture, of the inside this time.

Mom: Ok, you can skip filling the bird feeder!

So you see, it isn't my fault that I couldn't do my chores!

Mom finished her Chloe's Vest.  She says that working with ColourMart yarn for a sweater is always a bit of a gamble, you know how the swatch behaves but will the finished object behave the same way when the machine oils are washed out?  Her top ended up slightly wider than she wanted and just a touch shorter, but after a quick trip through the washer and dryer the angora in the Shiny Cotton really came out to play.

I am pretty sure that TDQ stole the shirt while Mom wasn't looking, it isn't on the table any more!


Pattern : Chloe's Vest
Yarn: Colourmart 3/15 Cotton/Angora/Merino/Viscose 174 grams, yarn held doubled for body and single for the lace insert.
Needles : US 6 and US 8
Mods: None really, was trying to get between the two smallest sizes so worked the second size and prayed the minimal shrinkage would work out.

Mom says there isn't any other knitting news.....she claims she was too busy doing everyone's chores to get any other knitting done!

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Amanda said...

But you didn't do my chores! Cute birdies and Chloe is very nice.