Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blink and you will miss it

Spring has sprung outside Columbus, Ohio!  It seems that my garden went from nothing, to full of very healthy looking, bright green, weeds in the blink of an eye!  The daffodils have pretty much come, and gone again.  The woods hyacinths, which have spread beautifully over the past few years are hanging on just a little longer.
 (Except the ones that drifted into my lawn, they have been picked and stuffed in little vases all around the house each time I go out to mow.)

The mower died.

Well, not the whole mower, just the battery wouldn't hold the charge once I got everything plugged in where it was supposed to be.  Even rechargeable batteries give up after a while, and no-one had the right one in stock...not to mention not being able to get it out of the mower to replace it if they did.  The instructions that came with the mower made it sound so easy, push down here and pull out.  Wrong!  So I am back, for now, to doing the cord dance with the mower.

While I was out looking for batteries, and alternatives to doing the cord dance, a few plants found there way into my arms.
 TDQ was all set to do some potting up of a herb planter while I was weeding one corner of a flower bed when I heard a piercing shriek!

Obviously planters make good nesting spots!  As she moved the stack of planters to get the one she wanted from the bottom, one of the two birds that had been sitting in the top one flew up at her, scaring the living daylights out of a girl who didn't expect anything to be there.  She took a picture of the one who stayed in the planter,
 they are both gone now, obviously the neighborhood didn't really suit them!  However, there are at least three robins nests that are being actively manned in our garden.  It leads to some exciting times coming in and out of our gate as one is on the top of the fence post!

We have put in a few veggies,
 not many yet as I forgot to start any of our seeds inside this year so we are having to buy plants this time around.  So far just a few peppers and tomatoes, and the leeks that got trampled to death last year seem to be coming back, now to thin those starts and see if I can actually spend enough time playing with dirt this year to grow them properly!  I really hope I can, we have a fondness for Emergency Soup.

The red currants have already set a ton of fruit, we need to eat red currant jelly faster, I still have several jars left from last years harvest.

But on to knitting news...Did you miss me last week?  I missed me, next to nothing got done in the way of knitting!  It is that time of year again, when every school has end of year things that have to get done.  This month only sees it get worse, with Honors Nights and performances, picnics (I don't think I am going to be able to wrangle my way out of work to go to those, but I am going to try!) and dances.  Seemed like every time I had a few minutes I was separated from the majority of my knitting!

This week I got a little bit caught up, just in time too because Clue 3 of my mystery knit was published and printed yesterday.  Probably won't get knit until later in the week, but such is life around here right now!

I did get a few rows of the latest baby blanket, by the way, we have now discovered it is for a girl, but I am sticking with the single color this time around.  I think that for the next one I will do white and pink as the other baby I need to knit for is also a girl!  I don't know if I will pick who gets plain white and who gets two tone or let the pregnant moms duke it out.  LOL

I also got a wonderful gift in the mail. 
Well, bittersweet gift really because it is destined to be knit as a tribute piece for a sweet little ball of fur named Lucy, or LucyFur ..... Andrea, BadCat Designs, lost her companion this past March, right after she went to Iceland on a trip.    Lucy had helped with many a project that Andrea designed, sitting in the middle of wet shawls to pose for blocking photo's, or just sitting in Andrea's lap while she was knitting, so it was fitting that Andrea design a piece in her memory, and in memory of some of the things she saw while in Iceland.

I was supposed to be picking up stitches and working on the edge of my Purple Winter Extravaganza......instead, I starting my Lucy's Gift!

So what is on your needles this week?


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