Sunday, April 21, 2013

What I did and What I SHOULD have been doing!

The March Madness Weather seems to be continuing well into April in Ohio this year.  One day last week we were near (or at) 80 degrees, the next couple of days brought us a thirty degree temperature drop, heavy rains, blustery winds and according to one of my customers, snow! (Luckily it didn't stick!) Also luckily, even though I had planned on taking my patio plants back outside last weekend, I never quite got around to it, so they didn't suffer through the frosty nights and mornings!

In my last post I talked about how I hadn't listened to that voice in the back of my head and that I am going to run out of yarn long before I run out of knitting on a shawl.  The wonderful people at Colourmart did look, but they do not have more.  They (well Sue actually) have offered to color match my yarn if I send them some, but that seems like an awful lot of work for them to do because of my lack of planning, so I will be frogging back on that one.  Part of me, the part that doesn't want to put in an "after thought" lifeline and catch flying beads when I pull that thread, says just to forget it, pick a different yarn and start over.  Part of me says that either way those beads are going to fly around the house* and to just grin and bear it.

So far, I haven't listened to either of those parts of me and did what any reasonable knitter would do when faced with this dilemma.....

If you click the FO2013 tag on the side bar you will notice something.....there has been an awful lot of things started, but not much finished around Chez Yarn Diet recently.  I should have worked on my Some Kind of Wrap,
 or even worked a few more rounds on that Plushie Tardis that seems to have stalled about two thirds of the way up from the base.
 I could have worked on some socks, or even the repairs that needed to be done on some socks.

But, I didn't.

I could have put knitting on hold and done some more weeding in the garden,
or dug over where our vegetables are going to grow.  I could have got the paint out and finished painting the trim in the laundry room.

I could have organized the bookshelves in the basement as none of us has done a good job of putting things back where they belong and over the winter an awful lot of new books came into the house that need to be put away properly, not just stacked on top of shelves haphazardly.

I should have cut the grass when it wasn't raining, but at least for that one I have an excuse....when you have a battery operated electric lawn mower it is all very well plugging the charger into the mower, you still have to plug the other end into an outlet on the wall or you will still have a "low battery" mower, which doesn't go very far for that first mow of the season.

Did I do any of those things?


What is it that I think a reasonable knitter does when faced with a yarn dilemma, and the multitude of unfinished projects I have scattered around my house?

I think she casts on some more!

We have another baby blanket, it was supposed to be two tone but the ultra sound** wasn't able  tell for sure if the second color should be blue or pink so I am keeping it simple and knitting all the way through with white.

The Anniversary Mystery Shawl 2013 in some of Lara's Creations amazing ColourWave yarn.  I am in no danger of running out of yarn on this one, pattern calls for a little under 900 yards and I have 1260 to play with!

While I am thinking about it I have been meaning to tell everyone about these nifty keen, super cool, totally rad blocking wires I am dying to try out!  (Maybe if I ever finish anything I can!) Inspinknitty, who I have no affiliation with, has these flexible wires that will hold curves! Seriously no kinks, no fuss, no muss...ok now I am starting to sound like an infomercial!  But, seriously, go check them out!

What's on your needles?  Finish anything fun to knit lately? With the attention span I seem to have right now I should be looking for a new project in about five minutes.


*I actually have a plan for the flying bead issue, put the whole thing in a ziplock bag and just have the end of the thread I am pulling on sticking out, that way the beads will all stay in the bag when I am done ripping!
**No, I am not pregnant, but there is a bout of pregnancy going on around me, this blanket will not be joining the collection I have started in my Baby Blankets through Time project, but it is a handy tag to use to keep all the blanket ideas together.  In case you are wondering, that pattern is a modification of Anna Dalvi's Pierina Shawl.

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