Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plan ahea.......

Why is it all my weeks seem to be spent running as fast as I can without actually getting anywhere?

I suppose I might even feel a little better about it if I was even going in circles, but so far I seem to be retracing my steps over and over again.

For instance......

I went grocery shopping today, which seems a little silly as I was just at that very store on Thursday evening, but I suppose that having three teenagers in the house does make for running out of things, not to mention space in the fridge to hold it all!  I had my usual cart full of stuff, lots of fruits and veggies, milk, more milk, even more milk, the stuff I can't seem to keep in the house no matter how much I bring home.  I walked all over that store, I don't think I missed a single aisle, before I got my total, bagged my assorted foods and headed back to the car.  When I get to the car I have all kinds of keys, frequent shopper tokens for various places, but no car key.

Wondering if I was being more moronic than usual, I peeked in the windows to see if maybe the silly thing was sitting on the seat where it had fallen off the carbine hook I keep all my keys on. (Side note, I don't carry a purse that could hold keys, just a wallet that is my cell phone holder and the hook with all my keys on it that gets attached to my belt.  I have the whole Bat Girl thing going on, with everything I need attached to the belt it is really hard to leave things behind.)

A little concerned I then pushed my cart full of bagged groceries back into the grocery store to see if maybe the key was at the checkout area.

No luck.

One of the nice things about always shopping at the same store, all the cashiers and bag people know me and before long we had a whole posse of key seekers wandering every aisle of the store, looking under display shelving in case the key had dropped off and been kicked under something.  You would be amazed at some of what we saw under those shelves...I mean seriously,  single slices of bread?  How does that happen?

Just when we were about to all meet up in the middle the cashier comes up to me, slightly pink and with a very chagrined look on her face. "Is this your key?" she asked, holding up the key that all of us had been crawling around on the floors looking for..."It was in my smock pocket".

Yep, retraced all those steps for nothing! And she didn't buy my story that it meant she wanted to drive me home and put my groceries away!

My knitting might also turn into an exercise in retracing my steps!  I have been working, off and on, more off than on, on my ColourMart Spring Contest entry and the rules say that Lace Shawls have to both be lace and substantial to qualify.  The pattern I picked, Ethereal, as originally written is an okay size shawl, but not really something that I would call substantial and I am knitting with a 2/28nm lace weight yarn so I knew to get a good size on it I would need to add some repeats.  Which I did, I added a whole bunch of repeats to the body of the shawl and just recently started the final chart, which are 40 rows of fairly heavy patterning to which I have added beads.
Looks something like that so far.

That is 12 rows into the 40 row border chart and that little voice in the back of my head that sometimes speaks up, who in all truth has been whispering in my ears for a while now about this, started yelling pretty loudly..."Um, you might want to check how much yarn you have left." followed by a fairly insistent "Weigh the cone you ding dong, I think you are going to run out of yarn before you run out of shawl knitting here."

I finally gave in, and the little voice is right, there is no way the amount of yarn left on the cone is going to match the amount of knitting left to do in the shawl, even if the cone weighed nothing (and they don't, somewhere between 32 and 38 grams of the 72 grams I have is cone!) I will be short.

Just in case, and knowing as I do that neutral colors like cream go really fast on the ColourMart site, I checked to see if there was still any on the website to buy.  No love there, so now I have placed what happens to this knitting in the hands of the person who seems to have a magic touch when it comes to finding things and sent an email to part of the ColourMart team asking if perhaps, in some dark corner, or at the bottom of one of the multitude of rolling bins that they store cones of yarn in, there happens to be another cone.  Part of me has absolute faith that a single cone of the yarn will be found and says to keep knitting while I wait for the search to go on, part of me says to rip back to before the second chart, take out a repeat and start over from there.  I do know that if there is any there, that magical finder will find it, it is uncanny how many times I have heard stories of people in just my situation who were rescued at the last second with an "I found some" email.

In the meantime, looks like spring has finally arrived in Ohio!

Maybe instead of sitting here fretting about yarn I should go pull up some more weeds!


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