Sunday, April 7, 2013

Two A and now Two B

Yet again, I have very little to show on the knitting front.  I spent a lot of the week playing catch-up at work, Spring Break might have been nice from a not having to get up and put a suit on first thing every morning, but it also meant I had 187 emails to deal with when I got back to my office!

We had a wonderful first quarter at the branch, which also leads to lots of planning on how to top it, because as we all know, the reward for a job well done is a harder job.  Probably why I am taking my time in what is really a very easy knit for the ColourMart Spring Contest.  No fancy new stitches to learn, fairly easy to read charts, but when you add 8 repeats of the first one it does take on more of a  difficulty in scope.

Chart 1 of this pattern gives you the option to knit more or less based on your yarn and how big you want the shawl to be.  I like to be able to wrap a shawl all the way around me, so bigger was certainly in the cards, the only question is, have I gone big enough?  Because the one thing I had forgotten is how quickly I get bored with the same pattern repeat over and over again!

Chart 2 A flew by and I am now set to start Chart 2 B, where I am adding beads with gay abandon!

Maybe next week I will have some to show you, for today I am setting up where to put them.  :)


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