Sunday, March 10, 2013

I bet you thought March Madness was about sports

Tuesday evening, the kids here at Chez YarnDiet were all very excited.  The weather people had been tracking a storm that was due to hit us and estimates of how much snow and when we were going to get it ranged all over the show!  Certain teachers had suggested to their classes that wearing your pajama's backwards and inside out along with doing a snow dance would help the winter weather on its way........

Snow dances and inside out pajama's aside, the kids got their wish and we woke up to about 8 inches of snow on the driveway and I had a messy commute into work while they got to sit home playing computer games and drinking hot cocoa.

Snow is easier to walk and drive through than the thick coating of ice we had on everything a couple of weeks ago, so at least I didn't fall or have to hang on to anyone to get from my car to my office this time around, and without being asked two out of three children helped with clearing snow so I could get there on time!  Even though I had all that going for me,  I wished and hoped that I could get a snow day too and sit beside a cozy fire, drinking coffee and knitting.  Franklin Habit has a great post about just that on the Lion Brand Website, you should go read it!

But to the March Madness part of the post....8 inches of snow on Wednesday and what do we have today?  Nearly 70 degree temps and mud everywhere!

I have been plodding along on my long term knits, dithering from squares to big blue things to this :

I might have had to cast it on a few times to get it going, but there is Chart A of my current knit along. TDQ likes it so much that I have on the go in shades of purple for her too!

Other than that, life has me always running to try and catch up.  What ever happened to the days that I thought I had it all together and knew where I had left it?

Here's to hoping you are keeping it together in your corner of the world!


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