Monday, March 25, 2013

At least I am only a day late!

Today, well Friday really for the kids, but I like to start things on a Monday so we are going with today..Today marked the first day of Spring Break at Chez Yarn Diet.

Pity no one told the weather people we were looking for Spring not Winter!  This time last year it was nearly 80 degrees, today......well not so much!  We did get above freezing temps, just barely, which turned the snow to this pretty white stuff with slushy nastiness under it.  Certainly not "Go outside and run off some energy" conditions, which is what I had been hoping for.  Certain people in this house need to run off some energy - or donate some of their excess to me.

It was another week of all run and no getting anywhere for me.  I don't even have tons of knitting to show you, but I do have a little!

In honor of the Spring that forgot to come to somewhere outside Columbus, Ohio, The ColourMart Lovers Group is holding their Spring Contest. I spotted a pattern that I liked,  Ethereal and dove through my ColourMart Stash for some merino and immediately changed the cast on of the pattern!  I am using a 2/28 in cream and will be working the first chart a few more times than the pattern suggests, mostly because as light as this will be I want lots of "snuggle up" room.

Rather than just start with two rows of garter stitch I have widened the garter border and used a variation on a Turkish Cast On that works very well with garter stitch.  I plan on adding some pearl beads to the edging, the ones I have just about match the cream tone of the yarn so they will add slight highlights (nothing drastic) and some weight to hold the bottom edge down.

I got a little further on my Winter Wrap, TDQ is still in love with the colors of this one. She didn't want beads on the back, but decided some "bling" on the front would be just her style!  I have just under one front to go and then the neck shaping, I hope I can get those done before the next installment comes out!

There have been a few other things on the needles, lots of little swatches, but we will talk about them later!

Until next time......Happy Knitting!


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