Sunday, February 24, 2013

Re-Runs and Spoilers

Have you ever played that game where people ask you.."If your life was a television show, what would it be called?"  This past week I am not sure what the title of my life story would be, but I can tell you we are in re-run season!

Our Monday episode, again, saw our fearless knitter trying to cram three days of errands into a single bank holiday.  Sunday's blogging even got moved to Monday, which was one of the few things she actually completed.

Tuesday was spent trying to cram Monday's chores and work schedule into a day that also had it's own chores and work schedule.

Wednesday was, almost, a re-run of Tuesday, with the addition of a couple of conference calls, and still those errands from Monday were being pushed aside.

And so it went all week.

Even my knitting was re-runs.

A couple more squares and a repeat of a pair of socks!

I so very nearly made it to the end of the second sock without having to break into the very stripey looking skein of yarn.  For the want of the last three decrease rounds I had to do it, though!

I don't think it even shows, at least while they are still wet and on the blockers, and once they are on my feet no-one will ever know!

In the Spoiler department, after a poll on the Yahoo Group, Andrea (Bad Cat Designs) is giving everyone a choice.  Knit her  Winter Extravaganza as a mystery or know what you are getting into.  Only click here if you want to know what you are getting into!

So, this week was the week of Re-runs and Spoilers, I wonder what this coming week will hold?


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