Friday, June 29, 2012

No Knitting, but some real life stuff!

Disclaimer : Most of the pictures are courtesy of TDQ, a couple were blatently stolen from my employers intra-web as I have been out of town for most of the week.

This is a picture heavy post, purely because I haven't got any knitting to share, although I should have had time to get some done sitting on a plane flying away from summer weather into a tropical storm.

Yes, a tropical storm!  I have been in Orlando, Florida for several days and it rained all but the last one!

Before I left we did some playing in the park.

Yes, that is me hogging the swings so that the little kids couldn't play!  No, seriously there were not any kids that wanted to play on the swings to be seen, so I jumped on the opportunity to play on them myself.

We also did some gardening.

And then I did my travelling.  (This is the stolen picture, I haven't figured out how to get the ones in my phone onto my computer yet, but this was my final view of the very fancy hotel I was in)

Even with the rain I had a fabulous time in Florida.  Heard some very encouraging speakers, ate way too much wonderful food (they cheated though, making the desserts look so small that you had to, seriously had to, try each one and before you knew it three or four different ones had gone in your mouth at each lunch, snack time or dinner!) partied with executives and peers at Hard Rock Live!

It all culminated in getting this :
Out of 55,000 employees, of which approximately half were eligable to participate in Circle of Excellence, 500 people were selected to be given the award.  Both my banker and I got to go.

I guess this makes me part of the 1% we all love to hate!  :)

I leave you with my favorite picture that TDQ took at the park......just looking at it reminds me how relaxed I felt that day, before all the travelling, and how relaxed I felt on my free afternoon sitting by a lake in Orlando.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy the moment.....actually I think one of our keynote speakers said that while at Circle of Excellence.  Enjoy the moment!

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larascreations said...

Except you are far, far too nice to hate so instead we can just be thrilled & happy for you getting appreciated for some of your hard work!!