Saturday, June 9, 2012

I got a little busy

Quoting another blog that I read, I am not going to whine about how busy I have been lately. A lot of it has been good busy, some of it has been spinning my wheels busy, and a teeny bit was just frustrating add nerves to the shopping list because someone got on my last one and shredded it busy.

But, I did finally finish up that baby blanket...just needs a baby now!
No pattern, another off the top of my head kind of things that got worked on waiting in dentist/doctor offices, for lab work, conference call starts, lunch know the drill.

This one used 100% Baby Merino 3/15nm yarn from Colourmart paired with some size 6(US) needles, Signature Arts Circulars if you are interested.  I called her Simple Slumbers as she was a pretty easy knit, center start square and if you look REALLY closely you can see that there are 8 nupp hearts, some garter stitch, feather and fan and a beginning of knit two together, knit the same two stitches together repeat until you get tired of it!

I tried taking some more "artsy" pictures, none turned out the way I wanted, for inspiration you should look at this post, now that is a fabulous picture!

I am still trying to decide what should be next on my needles, I do have some "oh my this yarn is going to make my eyes bleed but TDQ loves it" socks on the go, but they are completely mindless knitting and not what I want.  Does anyone have any ideas for me?



larascreations said...

Lucky baby :-). Are you in the mood for lace or something else? Sunflower Designs "Argonath" keeps whispering to me - perhaps you hear it too? Or from a lace view.....well that list is very long and just keeps growing! But just to rattle off a couple of possibilities there's the quick and easy "Dover Castle" in fingering weight. Or for something bigger there's the Bad Cat Mimosa - can't recall if you've knit that one :-)

Amanda said...

Your blankets are always the best! Sounds like you need to trawl the Ravelry patterns for inspiration. There are some lovely new shawls around. Have a look at the completed shawls in the 12shawlsin2012 group. Some wonderful inspiration there.