Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another post?????

In a totally out of character, at least lately, move I have more to share with you today!

Firstly, for any of you hit by that mid-western storm yesterday, I hope you have power and no downed trees to deal with.  We were at the zoo when the storm descended, and literally got trapped in Sting Ray Bay.  As it turned out, it wasn't such a bad place to get trapped as they had these big rolling doors that blocked most of the wind and rain from blowing through the exhibit, and to make up for not letting us out we got to feed the sting rays for free.  Kids were quite impressed with that, although I was reminded of a segment from a book I read a while ago as one of the creatures never came up for food...I wondered if in fact it was a cleverly designed robot.  Once the winds and rain finally let up and we were able to leave the exhibit we wound our way home past downed trees and over various debris that was left in the road, with me worrying the whole time what our yard would look like.  Luckily it wasn't too bad and clean up was easily accomplished.

A lazy Saturday following the storm was then interrupted by a knock at the door.

I love it when the mailman has packages for me!

Those fabulous L's can only mean one thing!  This package is from my friend Lara over at Lara's Creations.  If you haven't had a chance to drool over some of her wonderful hand-dyed yarns run over there and take a peek.  An accomplished knitter herself, who has knit along with me on several group projects, Lara knows what to look for in a good base yarn and then adds just a little magic, along with a lot of hard work to create some colorways like you have never seen.  I played with a green morsel a little bit ago and loved it!

Knowing how much I love what she is able to do with some dye, a lot of time and talent and those great base yarns, I decided that it was time for a treat for me.  But, I wanted it to be a surprise, even though I was buying it for myself. (I know, I am a little crazy!) So I asked Lara if she could put together a couple of things, and then she threw in a few more for me to play with! Like you, I didn't know what the box held until I opened it.

Oh, you wanted to see what was inside?
The one on the left is called Sangria and is the perfect lead in to the other thing I wanted to tell you about!

It is that time of year again, when lace knitters gather to see what Andrea of Bad Cat Designs has in store for our Summer Project.  Today is the first day that registrations are open and I think that it is going to be the perfect summer knitting!  Check out the intro here and the sign ups here!  I already signed up, won't you join me???

In the meantime, Thank you Lara for a wonderful surprise package!

It gets a thumbs up from me and the (not) peanut gallery.

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