Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue, blues, cool and snazzy

Alright, I admit that lately I have not been good at this whole blogging thing I had going!  The mundane world keeps getting in my way, but I have been busy working on things, really I have.

Um, let me think.......

Well, now that you mention it maybe there is nothing new on the knitting front to show you!

But there are other things going on at Chez YarnDiet that I can share, like this.....

Hot out of the mailbox, and I mean hot it was a nearly 90 degree day and this bag sat in my mailbox all day just steaming to itself!  One of those lovely blue bags that only ever contain wonderful things.

What did this one contain, you might ask?
Well, there is a little bit of this....Merino Lace weight yarn in cool blues.


A little bit of that, which is Cash/Cotton DK.

All nicely wound off into 50 gram skeins and called scraps!

Scraps?!?!?!  Other companies call those balls of yarn!

If you look really closely you will see they are labled as Scrap Challenge Sets and that is what they are.  From opening flame to closing ceremonies this is what I will be working with through the Olympics.

Now to pick, or create, designs.

The Spring Contest with ColourMart Lovers on Ravelry was good to me.  Look what I won!

If you want some of your own, go here!  They are fabulously snazzy and cute, and it is all I can do to keep TDQ's stealing little mitts off them!  I wonder if any of them will be on my scrap set challenge projects?



larascreations said...

I had to go look up the dates, thinking I must be further behind the times than I thought but it seems you are well ahead instead ;-). I especially love those blues! Naturally starting with the lovely blue package, lol.

Mary said...

I was trying to make up for the lack of knitting content and as I had just got the yarn decided to share. It will be a long, hard wait to cast on for my challenges!

larascreations said...

Perhaps you need to cast on something else to help the wait go by?

Amanda said...

I love those sorts of parcels!