Sunday, March 11, 2012

It looks like our knitter fell off the face of the planet.

Wow, looks like it has been a long Ohio minute since I posted anything here.  I wish I had lots of good stories for you, but I don't.  I wish I had some large household projects to show you, but I don't.  I wish I had some good excuses to give you....but I don't.

Life just kept getting in my way!

It feels like all my stories are depressing ones, so I won't tell them.

All my household projects have been repair ones, and mostly Jerry-rigged ones so I won't show them.

And as for my excuses, they revolve around extra work hours, a new boss who is a little demanding, school work for kids that needed supervising, running all over town to get things done, and not a one of them is worthy of telling, so I won't type them.

Knitting, you ask?  Has there at least been knitting?


There was this pair of socks that were started, left in my car over night and chewed up by a mouse who decided my car would make a good home and the wool would make good nesting material.  That mouse pushed his luck even further when he chewed a hole in the corner of my planner binder!  One mouse was caught, I hope it was the culprit, and dropped off miles from here...even after my tirade about how I was going to smash him flat with a brick, I just couldn't bring myself to do it when those beady little black eyes looked at me from that furry little face.  The socks got tossed in the trash as  there was no hope of repairing them after the damage that cute little creature had done. :(

Sugar Plum Fairy, you ask?  Still not finished, two more charts to go and she is crying on the corner of my desk waiting for me to pick her up again.  I got distracted with some swatches, so there has been a little knitting going on, just not as much as I would like and the only finished objects I have to show you are old!

I never blogged about The First Twin's Christmas Blanket, so I can at least show you that!

I know it is not a great picture, and I feel I should mention the Christmas Tree behind it has been down for months now, this was taken before Christmas!
Stats : The Diwali Shawl, modified to be a square blanket.  One of the best things about triangle shawl, it doesn't take much modification to turn them into a square, just a whole bunch more knitting!
Size 9 (US) needles, and let me tell you it was pretty cramped on them by the time I was done!
Nashua Creative Focus Superwash Wool in Brick Red, I forgot to keep track of how many I used, sorry!

And then there is a little project that I knit a long time ago, but couldn't blog about as the pattern hadn't been published yet. 

This is Elegant Cashmere Triangle from the book One+One Scarves, Shawls and Shrugs.
As you might have guessed it is another Andrea Jurgrau pattern, you might recognize her as Bad Cat Designs.  I used two complimentary colors of Land O Lace yarn and some clear beads, Andrea knit hers in Art Yarns Cashmere in green tones. Don't let the simple look fool you, there are new techniques for both right side and return rows to learn in this one as there is a unique stripe sequence going on.....for more spoilers you will have to get the book!

I leave you with the song that is driving my kids nuts this week.  I have to be the only parent of teenagers who keeps hearing "Turn down your music, mom, it is too loud!"

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Amanda said...

Glad you dragged yourself back onto the planet. The blanket is beautiful, the shawl is elegant and the music is lovely. Turn it up!