Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We are off to the races...ok not really the races

The ColourMart group on Ravelry is having their Spring Contest.  I thought that maybe it would inspire me to get back to my Baby Blankets Through Time Projects, so dug out some ever-so-soft cashmere/merino blend and cast on.

And frogged.

Then I redid some math, and cast on....and frogged.

Repeat after me : Cast on, and frog.

I had a discussion a while back with another knitter who does a little designing and we decided that creating a pattern is 99% "cast on and frog".  Hopefully I finally have my plan in mind.

The contest started yesterday and this is all I have to show for it!
I am consoling myself with the thoughts that babies start with less of a plan than I did!



larascreations said...

Plans are overrated - they usually have to be changed anyway, right?

Have you ever seen these Rav shop glasses? (ok I have the glasses....but am still tempted to get the SHOT glasses too)....

Perhaps you need one with Cast-on..... ;-)

Amanda said...

I your hands its bound to become something beautiful - with or without a plan!