Monday, February 6, 2012

A Quick. Little, Knit

One of the other things that I got for Christmas was a book.  Angels, A knitter's dozen by Gerdine Strong.  TDQ, who is very good at making knitting plans for me, wants me to knit each of the angels to decorate a tree with.

The knitting went fine, I fell a bit apart on the putting together!  But, here is the first one.  Aptly, the knitting angel.  You can't really tell but she is knitting her own wing, one is already on her back, the second hangs from her "needles" part way through a row.
There she is with flash.

DMC Baroque yarn in white, size 1 needles
And a slightly different angle without flash.

I think my starching and piecing need work!



Land O Lace said...

Absolutely adorable! Way back in the day I crocheted some really cute ones - one for each sister - starched them - added a little round wood head with halo - I still have mine. But I do like this knit one better. Can't wait to see the rest of them!

Amanda said...

Fabulous! What a cute idea.