Friday, December 30, 2011

Things unblogged

Sometimes, in the course of knitting projects, they seem to fall by the roadside and never get blogged about.  I don't know why that seems to happen with some of them, with others I know that it is because the pattern isn't ready to share, or is waiting for a publish date....and it takes a long time to go from pattern creation through knitting, through marketing and then on to the publishing.

This winter BadCat Designs, or Andrea, had a pattern in Vogue Holiday Knitting. This pattern!

Here are my versions (yes two!)

I call them Queen of Hearts and Through the Looking Glass.  Mostly the difference is in the edging, one with and one without the scallops and ten million beads in the cast off edge!

It is almost time to start planning 2012 projects, what do you want to have on and off your needles in the coming year?


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Amanda said...

They are both lovely! As for the needles in the new year? Lets just say heaps ;)