Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The answer is...

The questions was : Did you finish everything in time?
The answer is :   No.

TDQ's Almost Bow Tie Socks
Knit Picks Essential Plum Tweed  (I think this is another discontinued yarn!)
size 1 (US) needles.
Mods :  afterthought heels, modified the stitch pattern with a "slip as if to knit" rather than "knit one in the row below" just to make it quicker for myself.
This one was completed just in the nick of time, blocked over night Christmas Eve and popped into a stocking on Christmas morning!

Unfinished :
Yet Another Grey Hoodie
The zipper band is done, just need a cuff and one more sleeve along with sewing in a pretty close, not quite.....

Epic Fail :

I can't even say that is most of a pair of socks, more like the start of a sock!
Plain vanilla, with another afterthought heel (this time because the monster man has big old feet and I am very concerned that the heels will end up in a different yarn!)
Doesn't look like much because I am not very far into them.

Even with incomplete knitting certain people in this family (namely all the not-quite-adults) were running around the house claiming it was the "Best Christmas, EVER!" so things turned out pretty well.

Maybe I can get these knits wrapped up for the New Year, but wait, there are games to play and lots of leftovers to eat..maybe in a little while I will pick up my knitting again.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas, even the people who said Bah Humbug! (And yes, Amanda, I was talking to you!)

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Amanda said...

You did well and got ever so close! And yes, I had a lovely Bah Humbug with fellow Bah Humbugians :)