Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now what was I supposed to be doing, again?

Oh yes, that's right, there is this biggish holiday coming up and people are expecting their knit goods as promised, but I seem to have got a little distracted along the way.

To recap, The Other Brother is done, he has : A green striped hoodie, A green blanket, and some very Pickle Green you notice a trend there?

The First Twin (or brother depending on my mood) has...A pair of stripey ragg socks, a red striped hoodie and um, yeah, well he has a blanket that is 28 rounds from being ready to cast off.

The Drama Queen has: a purple sweater that she wants moved to being her birthday present so that she can have a purple striped hoodie (not done), a blanket that is 6 rows away from being ready for edging, and, well, um, I decided on the yarn for her socks but not the pattern. (you guessed right, though, the yarn is purple.) and I have how many days left?

Don't answer that! Especially as The Monster Man should get socks, he has a friend who wants socks, I have some friends who want stuff and in digging through my room today I have discovered that there is something I need for me....I have holes in the only pair of my socks that were left.

In the meantime, someone who has been helpful the past few months mentioned that she REALLY liked some socks that The First Brother had been wearing, so I might have been distracted making her socks.

No pattern, Vanilla Socks in Patons Kroy in Bronzed Berry Stripes
Size 1 (US) needles, ran out of yarn before I ran out of toe, so added some black, if I had planned ahead I would have done the heels in black too, but such is life!

I should be done Christmas shopping, I am not quite so mean that my children only get hand knits, but I am stuck.

Any suggestions on what to get the green loving 12 year old boy?

I have much knitting to do, so while you ponder that question I will get back to my needles.


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Amanda said...

Being the ever helpful person that I am (and admitting to not knowing a thing about 12y old boys), what about something green like ummm, broccoli, spinach, sprouts?? No??