Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nothing to see

Hard to believe that out of four things cast off there is not so much as a picture to share, but it goes that way some times.

For those keeping track, scratch the yellow, two of the burgundy and the red off the list of works in progress.

On the needles now we have a greeny/grey, oh no, another one I can't talk about!
And miles of ribbing and a pair of I said nothing to show.....

Wait, I haven't shown you the socks...hang on while I get my camera!

Go grab a drink, I will meet you back here in a minute. :)

Just in case you don't get the emails..the new Knitty is up and running! My lunch time/conference call knitting is Nemesis shown above in one of my all time fav sock yarns Steffi in the Just Abouts colorway Little Falls. Magic Loop works well for "knitting on the go" hence the Knit Picks Options Nickle plated needles. Very distinctive cable on those, you can spot the purple in a knitters hands a mile away!

While I had the camera in my hands :
Miles of ribbing, just like I mentioned. Looks pretty uneven too, but don't worry I am knitting straight from a cone of ColourMart yarn, still covered in oil - that unevenness will disappear with a hot, soapy bath and a little luck. (Luck not really being involved, my swatch evened out nicely!)

Like I said, nothing to see here today...maybe later!


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