Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nearly halfway through...

Here we are, nearly halfway through Socktober and all I have to show is half a sock. Not even half a pair of socks, just half a lonely sock.

Through the Loops is hosting another mystery sock, this Socktober. I have snerked* through some of the in progress shots on Ravelry and have to say that I will be casting on that sock just as soon as I get something else off the needles!

The Colourmart contest is still running, and I am still slogging through K4,P2 ribbing for that. I have now completed : one sleeve, one back and started on one front. The first twin has suggested a cardigan would be nice, so I split that pullover front up the middle and am working two fronts instead of one.

In other news, sometimes having an unemployed nephew is a good thing...look at what he got done today!

He took my house from this :
Click to embiggen and see all the moss/algea growing on the siding!

To this :
Click to embiggen and see clean siding!

Well, if I am ever going to be able to cast on some through the loops mystery socks I had better get knitting on other things!


* from the verb snerk meaning to give spoilers or hints

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Amanda said...

It might only be half a sock but what a sock!! House looks good too.