Saturday, June 26, 2010

Teasers for Amanda

The color is all wrong in that picture, but here is another teaser for Amanda! She is off enjoying herself on Kangaroo Island, with limited internet poor thing! while I am at home trying to come up with ways of tormenting her. :) Not really, just putting together another use for the cable from my cardigan design.

But that isn't all I have been doing...but the other project deserves just a little explanation.

I have a niece and nephew, sort of, do they still count when they are your ex-husbands sister's kids? Well, anyhow, as far as I am concerned I have a niece and nephew in Washington State. I have not seen or heard from them (to speak of) in seven years, with our only contact being at Christmas and birthdays. Every year I struggle with what I can get children, one already a teenager, that I know next to nothing about. Gift cards and cash usually get exchanged on those holidays, but I made a pledge over a year ago to give handmade, and really it has bothered me for a while that I have failed in that pledge with the WA relatives.

This year that changes, this year I found a way to make it work...

Presenting the Felt Your Own Slipper Kit!

I knit some more Elf Shoes (ravelry link) that can also be found here if you are not on Ravelry. Then instead of felting them myself I packaged them up with some spare yarn (just in case over ambitious agitation leads to holes) felting (or fulling) instructions and a small felted swatch to show what the fabric should look like when done. Pop the lot into a handy, dandy, zipper bag and you have a kit that lets me knit and hopefully will fit the recipient!

So, Stats :
Elf Shoes by Flint Knits
Size 10.5 US needles
Patons Classic Wool in Wedgewood one ball
Sized for an Adult Male's size 9 -10 (US) foot, so it should be big enough!
Started June 24th and put in the bag June 25th.


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Amanda said...

A tease indeed. And I spy lace with those cables - nice! The slippers are a very clever gift idea. And yes, I'm still on the island.