Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swatches, or WIP Wednesday

It has been a few days of swatching, swatching, more swatching!

Summer Swatch Me! has started and the first chart is awful fun. Below you have two versions of Peacock, one on the starts of some mitts and the other in my sampler...but to see this pattern in it's true glory you have to check out what Jeri did with it!!! Scroll down past some fabulous cables and be amazed by the talent that can take a simple lace pattern, start it as one thing and without frogging or ripping turn it into something else!
Both of my versions are much more mundane and follow patterns provided by Bad Cat Designs...the sampler being knit on size 4 needles out of some Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere in Burnt Toast. Maybe if the toast I burned looked like that I would eat it!

More Jade Sapphire yarn and a ton of beads are being used in the mitts. Again a silk/cashmere this time Hydrangea.

Way back at the top is yet a third use of Jade Sapphire yarn, this time Winter Sky. I might have been bitten by the design bug. :)

So what is on your needles?


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Amanda said...

I've finished my peacock sampler but I haven't been able to post a photo yet - internet too slow :( Love the look of yours and the mitts - wow! You are teasing again - tell more please!