Friday, June 11, 2010

Counting down to Unveiling

Today marked the start of TNNA's Summer Show. Today is the day that all of the exhibitors were running around setting up their tables, displaying their wares and generally suffering from exhaustion.

Tomorrow the exhibits will open and all of the new products leading into fall and winter will make their debut and yarn store owners will decide which of those products are going to make their way onto your LYS shelves.

Last year I was treated to an invite to take a look around, and this year Jane of Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibers has again got a badge ready for me to wear so that I can not only scope out the new releases but get to see my knitting on display.

Last year I knit cowls and hats for the Jade Sapphire tables, tomorrow you will see what items were added to the collection!

On other topics, my cardigan is getting closer to looking like an article of clothing rather than an indeterminate blob. If I hadn't had to walk around singing "But, darn, you made the sleeves too tight"* I would be done now. One sleeve has been re-knit and the other cast on, then it is button bands and final blocking before her unveiling.

Lots coming up to see at Chez Yarn Diet!


* sung to this tune!

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