Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once private, now public

We all know that I like teeny, tiny needles and extra fine yarn, but every now and then it is nice to have a project that knits up quickly and doesn't require a magnifying glass too work on.

Through the Loops presents : Hamamelis which is the botanical name for witch-hazel.

Garter Lace in a quick to memorize stitch pattern on size 6 needles in sock yarn! It is fun to test knit patterns for designers, every now and then I feel important when I find an error and it forces me to actually knit the pattern as written!

If you run on over to Through the Loops you can see a couple more versions, and although I only test knit one size there are a couple to pick from if you want one of these for your very own. Watch the yardage on your sock yarn though, I ran out of yarn just a few rows from the end and improvised. :)

Mine is made from a mystery sock yarn sans label from my stash. As it is predominantly green I am guessing that originally it was going to be socks for dear son number two, but for whatever reason it didn't turn out that way.

There might be more to show you this evening, Chart D for SnowQueen is up on the group! And I have been swatching for Ravelympics.


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Amanda said...

Oh that is ever so pretty! Good work.