Saturday, February 27, 2010

Going for Gold!

Athletes train for years to participate in the Olympics, which much competition to get to compete for your country and even when they win the chance to go for the gold many play and don't win.

Knitting as a competetive sport does not leave the same tears of losing out by an inch, or one goal or one point the way the for real Olympics do as the only person you are really competing against is yourself but finishing this project was a close thing!

During the knitting phase of the Olympics my life has been plagued with longer hours at work, snow to shovel, meetings and conference calls that were not knitter friendly not to mention gauge problems.

It takes a certain kind of hard headedness to refuse to let those things make me change projects and I adjusted the pattern as I went without frogging or ripping more than a couple of rows at a time and finally, this evening after dinner I finally cast off the ribbing around the armholes of :

Wood Hollow Vest by Kirsten Kapur
ColourMart Lambswool/silk 2/4
Size 3 and 4 (US) circular needles
Mods : modified to knit in the round up to the armholes, added waist shaping by decrease one stitch each side of side markers every fourth round 4 times and the working even until two and a half inches below arm hole shaping. Increased back to original stitch count before armholes to allow for bust ease. Deepened the neck line and kitchenered the shoulder seams together in pattern. Decreased ribbing around arm holes to four rows instead of five and used a suspended bind off for neck and armholes as I couldn't get my hands on my larger size needles when I wanted them!

Now I wonder if I can get two and a half socks knit in the next 24 hours to stay on track with the rest of my knitting?!?!

Yeah, I didn't think so either!



Annie said...

Beautiful vest! But where did the blue go? In your last pictures it seems more green.
Doing the armhole and neck ribbons are my least favorites in knitting and they often spoil my work. But how nice yours are. Great work.

pendie said...

ohhhh, I like!

Amanda said...

Wonderful. I just love those cables.