Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knitter's ADHD

Answers to comment questions :

No, the sock is not my design. I blatantly stole the cuff and foot designs from this pattern. I do have cables running down the heel and if I could get my hands on my tapestry needle you would have FO pics, all that is left is to kitchener the toes.


No, mosaic knitting is not hard, even on socks. The third clue is out, but I need to find one more ball of the black yarn, it is in the stash somewhere, just not where I thought it was!!

Now on to today's topic : Knitters ADHD

In the course of your knitting "career" there will come a time when someone asks for you to pass the talent on and to teach them to knit. It is so much fun to see that early fascination with yarn and needles, but mostly fun to see someone work on just one project at a time. The words "Oh, I don't need yarn, I still have (scarf/blanket/socks/insert project here) on the needles is so endearing...and as most of us know it is a phase that doesn't last long.

This past week I have been distracted from the Christmas sweater I should be knitting and the glorious fiber that should be spun into yarn by some other knitting. None of it a large project, a pair of socks here, maybe another one there, couple of little gifts that looked like a ton of fun (and are, just wait til you see them!) But there comes a time when you really should just buckle down and be like the novice knitter, working diligently on your one project.....

Am I fooling you?

No? Oh well, guess you know me just a little too well...see there is this pattern I found.....


Amanda said...

I shall attempt to follow your example... I think? Any tips on getting the Dark Star edging done any quicker?

larascreations said...
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larascreations said...

HAHAHAHAHAH - that was very funny m'dear!

One? Just ONE? sooooooo perfect

I'm trying not to drool 'cuz I know that those (nearly) white socks (unpictured) have to be just the coziest of cozy!

(and of course if I could type today I wouldn't have had to delete and repost, eh? What ADHD? Oh look a project.....runs off.....)