Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Swatching is a Good Thing

Not much in the way of knitting I can share with you today, in part because I walked away from my needles to go to a really cool movie theater and watch New Moon with my daughter. No standing in line to buy popcorn or drinks at this theater, full wait staff will bring you an entire meal, right where you sit watching the movie!

This is a swatch using Shepherd Baby Wool 2 ply, I wanted to see how it held up to nupps and truth be told it held up better than the knitter did. Out of 5 attempts there were two nopes instead.

To all my American Friends and Family..

Happy Turkey Day! As life in Colonial America included knitting we should all relax with our needles while the bird is cooking and after we have eaten too much!


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Amanda said...

I'm still to tackle nupps. They will be my next challenge.