Sunday, October 4, 2009

I missed the start

It is that time of year again..Socktober started on Thursday and I neglected to post about it.

Many knitters around the globe are knitting, if not exclusively maybe predominantly, socks.

There are probably more, but I found this Mystery Sock Knit Along and have got as far as winding my yarn. No knitting yet, I got distracted by some mittens, not to mention spinning and knitting toys and shawls and....there is already enough on my needles but it wouldn't be Socktober without some socks, right?

Yarn...yarn which yarn to use? Well I will tell you which I am using, Land O Lace has the perfect yarn for socks! Steffi comes in Just Abouts (my fav) and Varigated (my second fav) and I am knitting in Bruno, one of the Just Abouts. I think what I like about those best is the very subtle variations in color that seem to highlight what ever pattern I knit.

If I can get my act together, tomorrow there will be mitten pictures, I am half way through the second, but dying, just dying I tell you, to start that Sock Knit Along. :)


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Amanda said...

I hadn't twigged to Socktober but I did start a pair on the weekend.