Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Project

My Fall Project this year started with learning how to spin. :) Andrea, of BadCat Designs, and her daughter (BadKitten) dyed some fiber and sent it around the country to several of their spinning/knitting friends. You can see the original fiber here and what I have started doing with it above. This is my first attempt at spinning for a specific project, in this case a scarf that Andrea has "gestating" as I type.

In knitting news I am slowly progressing on my "green blob", no picture this time it is at a point where I can't stretch it out and when you have seen one blob of lace you have seen them all. Soon I will be working on the color change and you might get a picture then. :) My Dark Star has come out of her time out, I hope she has learned her lesson and will behave for me now.

I also have a couple of stealth Christmas Projects on the needles, you will see them later in the year.


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Amanda said...

Mary your spinning is terrific - that yarn looks fabulous!