Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harder than you would think

It is harder than you would think to take pictures of your own feet!

Through the Loops Sock-tober Mystery Sock Clue 4 is the foot. Now I know that I get excited about silly things....first signs of spring, an owl in a tree......but this pattern is pretty neat o keen, very cool, hip and whatever the word is the kids use today. The lace pattern that had been running down the sides of the legs and over the heel flap, is now on the instep!

I still have the other foot to do, but couldn't wait for two to share!



Amanda said...

Great socks. And I know what you mean about photographing your own feet!

larascreations said...

Love the socks.

I haven't tried photographing my feet, now I'm curious, lol.