Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ribbit, ribbit

If you search around the web you can find lots of tips for lace knitting. One of the biggies out there is how to put in a lifeline, go ahead google and see how many results come back, I'll wait...


How many did you get? With a very specific search I got 17,900 of very easy to follow instructions...but did I ever use them? No.

You can even find instructions for putting one in AFTER you have knit past where you want one. Less results, but still 7,400 is still a lot of help. Did I use it...well I tried but black yarn, tiny needles not much hope of catching each and every stitch, so I took my courage in both hands and starting to rip.

I frogged my knitting over the chart with the wrong-way-charlie facing down so that the beads would all fall where I could get them....and I ripped VERY slowly right the way to the last couple of rows I wanted taken out. Supporting the weight on the piece on the table I then slowly pulled out the last two rows and without moving it much (Lacey Lamb is slick and given a chance a stray stitch with a little tension on it would find my provisional cast on before I could whimper...nooooo....) picked the stitches back up on a 0000 needle. Good thing I had one of those just hanging around. :)

A quick count...oh drat 49 stitches...well maybe I will find it when I knit across, and sure enough just under half way through knitting those stitches I found two that were twisted together. Success all 50 stitches picked up right where I needed to knit one more row.

I will triple check I am on the "right" side this time around.

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Amanda said...

Phew! It's always difficult ripping lace but I'm still not inclined to use lifelines unless I have to pattern on both sides.