Sunday, September 13, 2009

That time of year again

If you haven't started at least planning your Holiday knitting yet, what are you waiting for?

I am one of those horrible people that already has things stashed away, but my countdown to Christmas includes some birthdays that are between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Even with starting in January there are presents that are gifted on-the-needles but there is help to be had.

Holiday Mystery Gifts on Yahoo is getting ready to start posting patterns. It is free to join and last year I knit several things from this group to round out my Holiday knitting.

As of my typing this there are 103 days until Christmas, how much knitting do you have to do in those days?


N. Maria said...

I am a member of HMG and can hardly stand the wait!!!
I, like you, have lots of knitting to do before family expects it from me. :)

larascreations said...

Plan might be too strong a word but perhaps it's been brewing.....contemplation, that's the word, hehehe. Seriously, I actually HAVE a few things planned, all handmade, not all knit though ;-). Come visit, I'll teach you how to make a wood pen/pencil set.....